Trail Conditions Update 5/23

44 Trails AssociationThanks to the hard work of our favorite USFS Ranger, Jim Thornton, and some skilled 44 Trails Association volunteers (Paul Gundlach and Dana Hale!), 8-Mile trail, Knebal Springs trail, the Super Connector, Bottle Prairie trail and 15-Mile/Cedar creek are open to USFS spec and ready for riding! You’ll still encounter a few isolated single logs, but the big blow-down sections have been cleared!

As for High Prairie and 450 up higher, it’s still a no go. Too much snow and water on the tread (see photos). So please stay off the trails to avoid permanent tread damage.

You can also check out the Camas, Clear Creek, Rim Rock (connects at Clear Creek CG) and Bear Springs race course trails – all in the Barlow District on the east side.

Check the fed web site for beta on these trails.

Clear Creek trail

Camas Trail

If you’re keen to help with continued clearing efforts, reach out via e-mail to us and we’ll connect you with the ranger to make a plan.

New Two-Way Traffic Signs

New Yield to Uphill Traffic Signs

Yield to Uphill Traffic

Keep an eye out for the new two-way traffic signs up on the 44 trail system. 44 Trails Association helped pay for the new signs and they are being placed in high traffic areas on the trails.

The idea here is to yield to uphill traffic, so those of us who like to let ‘er rip down need to stay tuned in to other users, be they bikers, hikers or horse riders. Although we have some ideas (in the future) for downhill only development, all 44 area trails are currently open to two-way traffic.

Enjoy the spring weather!

Trail Conditions Update 5/19

Latest trail conditions update May 19:trail2

Knebal / Bottle Prairie – 75% clear of trees and tread dry – Hope to clear this week.

8-Mile – Good shape but there’s one big section of blowdown on streamside trail 20+ trees – hope to  clear this week.

High Prairie / 450 – Not ready. Snow on trails and tread too muddy for riding. 4410 road is also still closed due to snow. Please stick to lower trails.

15-Mile – Not ready. Needs clearing work. Hold use until after Memorial Day weekend, thanks.

Surveyor’s Ridge – Clear an ready to ride

Dog River – Clear and ready to ride


Summer Trail Work Schedule

Here’s the official summer work poster. First session on June 14 will most likely be used to armor and bank corners on the new Super Connector. Specific event details for June 14 event will come together and be announced here by early June.

Saver a date or two on your calendar and join us to keep the 44 Trails zone buffed out!

44 Trails Trail Work

44 Trails Trail Work

Current Conditions Report

Fresh snow

Fresh snow

44 Trails Conditions Report
May 9, 2014

It’s wet and muddy with snow in places. Please ride elsewhere until trails have time to drain and dry! 

We got a call from the ranger today (May 9, 2014) with a first hand report that it’s too muddy up in the 44 Road area for riding right now. We need some high pressure, sun and time for the soil to drain as well to melt new and lingering snow. The current storm system has only made already muddy trails worse with a combination of wet snow and rain depending on elevation and aspect. Please ride elsewhere this weekend to avoid damaging the trails. Normally, the bulk of the trails are ready by Memorial Day Weekend – only two weeks away but it’ll be a critical two weeks for drying and draining, plus some clearing work.

Lingering patches of snow up high - taken before recent storm

Lingering patches of snow up high – before recent storm

Hold tight and enjoy the lower elevation riding for now. Oakridge, Surveyor’s and Dog River have seen a lot of moisture in the past 48 hours and are also muddy right now. However, they are the best bet for ridable trails once the weather drys out again.

Trail Work Schedule

Sweet new trail signs!

Sweet new trail signs!

The dirt is top notch in the Gorge right now and the riding season for Mount Hood’s 44 Trails area is fast approaching. As of May 8, there is still some lingering snow and plenty of downed timber on the upper trails accessible from Forest Road 44. Typically, the bulk of the system will be cleared and ready to enjoy come Memorial Day Weekend.

In the meantime, we’ve set a schedule for summer trail work parties to keep our mission of maintenance and expansion moving forward. Please mark these dates in your calendars and join us when you can. We strive to work for 4-5 hours in the morning and then enjoy an afternoon trail session, so you don’t have to give up a day of riding! More details about each event will be provided as the date nears and as we evaluate trail needs:

June 14 – Celebrate National Trails Day with a 44Trails work party – (Nat. Trails Day is actually June 7, but our event will be on June 14)

July 26 -Mid summer work day to armor and maintain high-traffic areas

October 4 – TBA Special Event – riding related event to thank everyone for all their support

October 18 – Final trail day before winter transforms the forest floor

Although random acts of kindness in helping to clear the trails is appreciated, all significant clearing and trail work needs to be organized through the USFS to maintain trail standards. The process on 44 Trails is different from that in Post Canyon or Sandy Ridge, and we need your help adhering to this policy. We have a great relationship with the Mt. Hood and Barlow Ranger Districts, and we aim to keep it that way. If you have time and energy to help with trail work, please reach out to us. We have ongoing opportunities to help clear and maintain the trails outside of our scheduled events. Give us a shout and we can connect you with the details.