New signs, conditions and trail etiquette

New Trail Signs and Trail Etiquette Reminder

44 trails signageWe got some cool new signs up on the trailhead boards around the 44 zone recognizing our partnership with the USFS for trail maintenance on the 44 trails.

Look for ’em next time you are up for a ride! Here’s one posted on the trailhead board at the Dog River / Surveyor’s junction (it’s the blue sign on the right).

The trails are in perfect condition right now (June 1). There has been just enough rain in the hills to keep the soil moist but no so much as to make ’em wet.

Here’s a quick reminder on trail etiquette: Please remember that all of the 44 Trails are multi-use, non-motorized trails. They are open to hiker, biker and equestrian use. Some trails see more than others from certain user groups, but all are open to everyone and all trails are for two-way traffic. There are no designated downhill only routes. Please be cautious of the multi-use nature and ride with care and control in all situations! Yes, gravity is fun, but to ride at 44 means respecting all users.