44 Trails Conditions Update – June 9

44 Trails  Conditions Report – Surveyor’s, Fifteenmile, Eightmile, Knebal and more!
Knebal Spring, Surveyors and more
We’ve got more trails open in the 44 zone!

Here’s the latest report as of Friday June 9, 2017

Knebal Springs Trail #474 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Bottle Prairie Trail #455 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Eightmile Trail #496 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Oak Ridge Trail #688A – Cleared and OPEN
Super Connector – Cleared and OPEN
Dog River Trail # 675 – Cleared and OPEN
Surveyor’s Ridge Trail #688 – Cleared and OPEN
15 Mile / Cedar Creek loop trails #456/#457 – Clear and OPEN

Cooks Meadow
 trail #639 –  BLOWDOWN likely – snow possible upper end
Lookout / #450 – CLOSED – SNOW / BLOWDOWN

The 44 Road is fully open but the 4410 and other spur roads in the area still have snow, especially above 4,500 feet. High country trails like Gunsight, Boulder, Forest Creek are still under significant snow.

Eightmile, Knebal and Fifteen mile campgrounds are also open!