Surveyor’s Ridge Re-Route Progress!

44 Trails Surveyor's Ridge Trail CrewHere’s a big thanks to the motivated crew that came out on August 12 to help work on the Surveyor’s Ridge re-route project! The team built some excellent trail!

You can now ride Surveyor’s Ridge (and we encourage you to do so) by parking at the 17/1720 junction and using the Super Connector to begin the ride (there is trailhead board on the 17 road just past the 1720 junction on your right). Or, for a longer ride, park at Knebal Campground and ride over to the Super Connector and all the way through Surveyor’s Ridge! Bike traffic will help “ride in” the trail.

We will post a map shortly outlining the new start and what is currently ready to ride. In the meantime, thanks to the crew that put in a solid day on Saturday!

Surveyor's Ridge Work day