Thank You Hood River Bicycles

NEW SIGNAGE COMING SOON – Thanks to Hood River Bicycles!

Numerous great businesses and cyclist support the 44 Trails Association with their labor, donations and logistics support (just look at the banners on the right of our home page). But we need to offer a special thanks to Hood River Bicycles (HRB) for their recent generous and ongoing support.

44 trails single track mountain biking

New style signage – more coming soon!

44 trails single track mountain biking

Old 44 Trails Signs – cool but in need of updating

Not only has HRB been dedicating a percent of their demo bike proceeds to 44 Trails for the past few years, they have made an additional, generous donation specifically for the purchase of new signage on Surveyor’s Ridge and other needed signage updates on the 44 Trails network! We thank you HRB and all of the folks who will benefit from the new signs will thank you!

The mountain bike and Hood River business communities have been super supportive of our work up on the 44 network and we ask that you, the peddlers and users of the 44 trails network, show your appreciation by giving our supporters your business! Thanks again Hood River Bicycles!