44 Trails Conditions Update – June 9

44 Trails  Conditions Report – Surveyor’s, Fifteenmile, Eightmile, Knebal and more!
Knebal Spring, Surveyors and more
We’ve got more trails open in the 44 zone!

Here’s the latest report as of Friday June 9, 2017

Knebal Springs Trail #474 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Bottle Prairie Trail #455 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Eightmile Trail #496 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Oak Ridge Trail #688A – Cleared and OPEN
Super Connector – Cleared and OPEN
Dog River Trail # 675 – Cleared and OPEN
Surveyor’s Ridge Trail #688 – Cleared and OPEN
15 Mile / Cedar Creek loop trails #456/#457 – Clear and OPEN

Cooks Meadow
 trail #639 –  BLOWDOWN likely – snow possible upper end
Lookout / #450 – CLOSED – SNOW / BLOWDOWN

The 44 Road is fully open but the 4410 and other spur roads in the area still have snow, especially above 4,500 feet. High country trails like Gunsight, Boulder, Forest Creek are still under significant snow.

Eightmile, Knebal and Fifteen mile campgrounds are also open!

44 Trails Conditions Report – Knebal and Eightmile OPEN


44 trails singletrackWe’ve got more trails open in time for the long weekend!

Here’s the latest report as of Thursday May 25, 2017

Knebal Springs Trail #474 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Bottle Prairie Trail #455 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Eightmile Trail #496 – Cleared and OPEN – a few snow patches but ridable
Oak Ridge Trail #688A – Cleared and OPEN
Super Connector – Cleared and OPEN
Dog River Trail # 675 – Cleared and OPEN
Surveyor’s Ridge Trail #688 – Cleared and OPEN

15 Mile / Cedar Creek loop trails #456/#457 – CLOSED – SNOW / BLOWDOWN

Cooks Meadow
 trail #639 – CLOSED – SNOW / BLOWDOWN
Lookout / #450 – CLOSED – SNOW / BLOWDOWN

The 44 Road is fully open but the 4410 and other spur roads in the area still have snow, especially above 4,000 feet. High country trails like Gunsight, Boulder, Forest Creek are still under significant snow.

Enjoy the lower elevation riding – the dirt is in great shape but there are wet sections, even on Knebal and Eightmile – so please be mindful.

Eightmile and Knebal campgrounds are also open.

44 Trails Conditions Report – May 2017

Here’s the latest spring trail update for the 44 Trails mountain bike trail network.

The 44 road is snow free and open and lower elevation trails are opening up. There is still snow and blowdown on the trail system but there a few things opening up for access: Here’s what we know as of May 19:

Surveyor’s #688 is open and rideable

Dog River #675 is open and rideable

You will find blowdown and isolated snow patches on much of the remaining trail system. Trails on the east side are more apt to be snow free, but we have not had any large scale blowdown removal yet. If you head up and ride – we’d love to hear what you find to help prioritize our blowdown removal. 44 at 44trails dot org is the place to send trail reports.


15 Mile and Cooks Meadow Open!

44 trails single track

Hey, where did the trail go?

The winter blowdown on the Mt Hood National Forest 44 Trails single track system was substantial this year, but we are making solid progress clearing the damage.

You can now add the 15 Mile / Cedar Creek (#456/#457) loop and Cooks Meadow (#639) to the open and ready to ride list!

That brings the 44 zone close to wide open. We still have work to do on upper 450 and High Prairie, but the following trails have been cleared in the past few weeks:

15 Mile / Cedar Creek loop trails #456/#457 – open
Cooks Meadow trail #639 – open
Dog River Trail # 675 – open
Surveyor’s Ridge Trail #688 – open
Knebal Springs Trail #474 – open
Bottle Prairie Trail #455- open
Eightmile Trail #496- open
Oak Ridge Trail #688A – open
Super Connector – open

The lower Cedar / 15 Mile area is still a little brushy, so throw some small loppers or hand snippers in your pack and spend a little time helping us brush out the overgrown spots if you head that way for a ride!

Remember, the 44 Trail System on the Mt Hood National Forest is a multi-use system and trails are open to hiker, horse and biker traffic. Please be respectful of all users! Also keep in mind that trees fall during every season and new trees may come down since we have cleared. There a places where uprooted trees and tree impacts have damaged the trail tread, so ride and hike with care.

Finally, if you enjoy the 44 Trail System on the Mt Hood National Forest, turn out for one of our 2016 trail work days to return some energy to the trails or donate to the 44 Trails so we can help cover costs of logout and trail repair materials!


Here’s a few before and after shots of a couple 15 Mile / Cedar sections cleared today.

Hood River Mountain Bike Trails – 44 Trails Conditions Report

Hood River Mountain Bike trails

Attention 44 riders, we’ve been busy clearing spring blowdown on Hood River’s finest single track. Here’s the latest update on what trails have been cleared and are ready to ride in the 44 zone for Memorial Day weekend:

44 trails conditions report44 Trails Conditions

Dog River Trail # 675 – open
Surveyor’s Ridge Trail #688 – open
Knebal Springs Trail #474 – open
Bottle Prairie Trail #455- open
Eightmile Trail #496- open
Oak Ridge Trail #688A – open
Super Connector – open

Fifteenmile Trail #456 – Clear
Cooks Meadow Trail #639 -Clear

Higher elevation trails including upper 450, Boulder Lakes area and Bonnie Meadows have not been cleared of blowdown and are still too wet to ride. Please refrain from riding upper elevation areas that are still wet. Riding wet trails degrades the tread and fuels the argument for those who oppose mountain bike use.

Please respect the multi-use aspect of all trails in the 44 Zone and be prepared for new downed trees and changing conditions. There’s still some trail damage on open trails where downed trees have torn up the existing tread or uprooted trees have blown out the tread, so be alert for hazards. In other words, respect your fellow users and use your head! Have fun out there this weekend.

Hood River mountain bike trail conditions

Spring 2016 Trail Update

44 trails mt hoodSpring has come early this year and the high country snow around the 44 zone is rapidly melting away! The 44 road is fully open, but some of the spurs – including the 4410 road to High Prairie – are still blocked by snow.

As usual, winter has left us with a mess of blowdown on the trails. We are working on getting things cleared out, albeit slowly.

Here’s what’s currently been cleared:

  • Surveyor’s Ridge north of the two track (Shellrock Mountain)
  • Knebal from 8-Mile trailhead north to Super Connector
  • Dog River (full)

We hope to have Knebal/Super Connector/Dakine Trail trail clear to the Knebal parking area this week (May 15-20) and, hopefully, 15-Mile, remaining Surveyor’s and more by Memorial Day weekend.

Of course, new trees could come down and there’s always a little more brush leaning in on the trails this time of year until they fully spring back from being buried all winter.

FYI, attempting to ride uncleared trails will yield varying success. Depending on the degree of blowdown, you might get an open mile or two only to find yourself faced with an extensive stretch of climbing and bike carrying. So, if you head up to explore, be ready for an adventure. The spring brushout of blowdown is a chainsaw intensive project that requires being certified by the USFS, so we have a select crew of certified sawyers making their way through the network as time allows. If you are up exploring and hear saw work, please approach slowly!

We should have a new trail conditions update by May 20. In the meantime, the lower elevation trails around the Hood River Valley are in fine form. Happy riding.

Mark your calendars for the following events:
July 9 –
second annual TRAILGATE event – ride 44 zone, eat, drink and music –
details soonread about last year’s event

July 23 – Cooks Meadow Extension Trail work – read about Cooks Meadow Extension
Aug 20 – Cooks Meadow Extension Trail work – read about Cooks Meadow Extension
Sept 24 – Surveyor’s/Super Connect connector – more details on this project in June
Oct 8 – Surveyor’s/Super Connect connector – more details on this project in June


44 Trails Conditions Report Nov 2015

44 trails conditions reportAttention 44 riders! There is a lot of new blowdown on the 44 trail system thanks to last weekend’s storms.

The rain did great things for the trail tread, but you should be prepared for lots of downed trees.

Even the new Cooks Meadow extension project, which was cleared just two weeks ago, was full of blowdown on Sunday.

It gives you a taste of what it’s like in the spring before we get up and start clearing! If the weather stays mild this winter, we’ll do what we can to do some clearing.

44 Trails conditions report November 2015

Fire Closure – Mt Hood National Forest

Badger Lake fire mt hoodIf you have not heard, there is a fire near Badger Lake on the Barlow District of the Mt Hood National Forest.

It’s not directly affecting the bulk of the 44 Trails zone, but there are a number of closures to consider if you are headed up to the area, most notably High Prairie, Gumjuwac, Gunsight and most everything adjacent to Badger lake including the Boulder Lake.

Badger lake Fire mapHere’s the latest official info from the USFS. 

Media Information Line: 503-668-1791/503-668-1776
Public Fire Information: (541) 467-2291
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

10/6/15 UPDATE:

The Badger Lake Fire is approximately 60 acres in size and burning in heavy dead and down timber. The fire is located northwest of Badger Lake in the Badger Lake Wilderness. Steep terrain, limited road access and an abundance of snags (standing dead trees) pose challenges for firefighter safety. Retardant was dropped on Forest Road 3550 yesterday with the goal of keeping the fire within the wilderness. Additional retardant has been ordered. Two helicopters continue to work on the fire.

The Badger Lake Fire began on Saturday, October 3, 2015. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Base Camp for the Fire is at Badger Lake Campground.

An area closure is in effect for the area surrounding the fire to protect public and firefighter safety as crews work to contain the fire. The closure includes roads, trails and developed recreation sites. Please contact the Barlow Ranger Station for details or the website address below.

PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES: Approximately 70 personnel, including 2 20 person crews, 4 Type 6 Engines, 1 Type 1 helicopter, and 1 Type 2 helicopter, and 12 rappellers.

SPECIAL MESSAGES/CLOSURES: An area closure is in effect for the Badger Lake Fire. For more information on the closure go to the Mt. Hood NF Closure webpage.

Badger Lake Fire Closure
Effected roads:

  • 3500640 Closed
  • 3500641 Closed
  • 3500642 Closed
  • 3500660 Closed
  • 3540000 Closed
  • 3540011 Closed
  • 3540012 Closed
  • 3540630 Closed
  • 3540640 Closed
  • 3540641 Closed
  • 3550000 Closed
  • 3550620 Closed
  • 4860000 Closed
  • 4860140 Closed
  • 4860160 Closed
  • 4880000 Closed
  • 4891000 Closed
  • 4891120 Closed

Effected Trails:

  • 465         PINE CREEK Closed
  • 477         BADGER CREEK CUTOFF Portion Closed
  • 458         DIVIDE Closed
  • 478         CRANE CREEK Portion Closed – North End
  • 464         CRANE PRAIRIE Portion Closed
  • 466         THREE MILE Closed
  • 479A      BADGER LAKE Closed
  • 480         GUMJUWAC Closed
  • 680         JEAN LAKE Closed
  • 467         POST CAMP Closed
  • 477A      WEST FORK Closed
  • 685B      CAMP WINDY Closed
  • 463         BOULDER LAKE Portion Closed
  • 493         HIGH PRAIRIE Closed
  • 685         GUNSIGHT BUTTE Closed
  • 479         BADGER CREEK Portion Closed (West of Bonney Crossing)

Effected Rec Sites are

  • Badger Lake C.G. Closed
  • Camp Windy C.G Closed
  • Bonney Meadows Closed

New signs, conditions and trail etiquette

New Trail Signs and Trail Etiquette Reminder

44 trails signageWe got some cool new signs up on the trailhead boards around the 44 zone recognizing our partnership with the USFS for trail maintenance on the 44 trails.

Look for ’em next time you are up for a ride! Here’s one posted on the trailhead board at the Dog River / Surveyor’s junction (it’s the blue sign on the right).

The trails are in perfect condition right now (June 1). There has been just enough rain in the hills to keep the soil moist but no so much as to make ’em wet.

Here’s a quick reminder on trail etiquette: Please remember that all of the 44 Trails are multi-use, non-motorized trails. They are open to hiker, biker and equestrian use. Some trails see more than others from certain user groups, but all are open to everyone and all trails are for two-way traffic. There are no designated downhill only routes. Please be cautious of the multi-use nature and ride with care and control in all situations! Yes, gravity is fun, but to ride at 44 means respecting all users.


44 Trails Conditions Update May 2015

Here’s a heads up for the 44 Trails System:
ALL TRAILS along the 44 corridor have been cleared this spring and are OPEN.

44 trails conditionsThanks to Ranger Thornton, and both Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts plus a variety of dedicated help, ALL TRAILS along the 44 corridor are open! This means all the major blowdown that happened over the winter has been cleared. It does not mean that new trees won’t fall. We’ve had two months of wind since the main clearing work took place and, word is, there are a few places with new trees down.

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, it still blocks the trail! Jokes, aside, trees fall in the forest year round, and any storm, any time of the year can bring down new trees on the 44 Trails. Many of the same systems that bring the famed wind to the Gorge, deliver winds in the forest, too.  In other words, there can be new blowdown any time and on any trail.

Trail work 44 mt hood national forestOver 1000 downed trees were cleared this season in the 44 Trails corridor. But we all need to be aware and ride with caution, because new trees will come down. We encourage you to send us a note if you encounter new blowdown, so we can work with the USFS to get it cleared.

We understand that most, if not all, forest users realize that conditions change in a forest environment; please help us explain this to those that may be lacking awareness!

And of course ride in control, monitor your speeds and yield to uphill traffic!

Happy trails!