The Moment – the history of freeride mountain biking – movie trailer

the moment ferried mountain biking movie trailerThere’s a new mountain bike movie hitting the street: The Moment. It’s a full-length documentary on the history of freeride mountain biking. It’s heavy on gritty vintage footage from Kamloops, North Shore and Rossland, BC and includes interviews with the pioneers of the sport. Think Dog Town and the Z-Boys but centered around the rise of freeride mountain biking. It won’t hit screens until December, but there’s a great interview with the director, Darcy Turenne, in Bike Mag¬†and the movie trailer is below.

Trail Love Video

Check out this vid from our friends at Central Oregon Trail Alliance (COTA). 44 Trails Association will be posting some “Two-way traffic, yield to up-hill traffic” signs on the National Forest trails around the 44 network during future trail projects. Speaking of future trail projects, future project dates will be posted soon . . .