Support 44 Trails Association

Whether you’re a 44 trails user or local business, we welcome your interest to support the 44 Trails Association!

It is with your volunteer labor that we get things done! We also understand that time is precious, so we can also make good use of your tax deductible donation.

Of course, cash donations are great and they help us buy supplies, tools and pay for professional help on big projects, but we also encourage the donation of equipment, swag and expertise.

Here’s what we need:
Tools: Got extras? We’ll take ’em. McLeods, Polaskis, shovels, hoes, rakes, hard hats.
Swag: Volunteers love swag! We use swag to spiff our volunteers and we always need more prizes!
Food and drink: Volunteers deserve food and drink – hep us quench volunteer appetites and thirst.
Grant writing and researching help: As a 501c3, we qualify for a variety of grants. We welcome the help of experienced grant writers.
Volunteers: Your ideas and skills help make us a better, stronger group. We welcome your expertise and your enthusiasm.If any of the above speaks to you, contact us at 44trails at 44trails dot org.
44 Trails Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.