Surveyor’s Ridge Reroute – trail work day August 12, 2017

Surveyor's Ridge TrailThe Surveyor’s Ridge Reroute Continues!

A segment of the Surveyor’s Ridge Trail #688 will be impacted by the City of The Dalles Watershed Pipeline replacement project. The vintage pipeline providing water to the City of The Dalles is being replaced with a modern version. A portion of the pipeline is adjacent to or beneath the south end of the Surveyors Ridge Trail. The pipeline project will permanently change the trail corridor in these locations -creating a 25 foot wide corridor with aggregate placed along the right-of-way.

We re working on a re-route of the Surveyor’s Ridge trail where it follows the pipeline to maintain a semi-primitive trail experience. The reroute also improves interconnectivity of trails in the vicinity by connecting with the Super Connector and will provide a short loop for beginner riders who want a shorter trail experience than Surveyors Ridge. READ MORE about the Surveyor’s Ridge Reroute Project and check out project map.

Trail Work Day – Surveyor’s Ridge Reroute Project

We will working on the Surveyor’s reroute doing the initial clearing and rough-in work that will establish the new route.

Hardhats (bike helmets ok), long pants, work gloves and work boots, water. 

Saturday, August 12, 2017 @ 9am – 2pm (plenty of time for a post-work-project ride)
Meet 9am @ Little John SnoPark on Highway 35
We’ll have coffee thanks to Dog River Coffee in HR and sign-in at the SnoPark and then move up to the work site as a group. Lunch will be provided by NY City Subs in Hood River.

Handbuilt singletrack on Surveyor’s ridge re-route. We will be doing rough in and route trimming/clearing.

Surveyor's RidgeHelmet/hardhat (bike helmets ok), long pants, gloves, and work boots required.
Hand tools only – Pruning Saws, Flat Shovels, McCleods, Loppers, Metal Rakes (NO chainsaws please).

It gets warm up there – please be sure to bring water and sunscreen.

Surveyor's Ridge Trail Reroute

Here is the map showing the approximate route of the Surveyor’s Ridge trail project. The existing trail (yellow) will be disrupted by the new pipeline – the new route (blue) shows the tentative routes to connect with the SuperConnector (brown) near the 17 Road.


Trail Work Results

Thank you to everyone who supported our June 14 trail work day! The USFS supplied 10+ yards of reject (gravel) and the 44 Trails crew worked to armor weak spots on the new Super Connector trail linking Knebal Springs to Surveyor’s Ridge. New York City Subs provided lunch and Dog River Coffee set us up with our morning fix!

We made made good progress moving the reject material and saw loads of riders using the trail. It’s great to see the word is getting out and people are riding the new connection.  Next work day is July 26!

Here’s a few photos from the day.


Trail Conditions Update 5/19

Latest trail conditions update May 19:trail2

Knebal / Bottle Prairie – 75% clear of trees and tread dry – Hope to clear this week.

8-Mile – Good shape but there’s one big section of blowdown on streamside trail 20+ trees – hope to  clear this week.

High Prairie / 450 – Not ready. Snow on trails and tread too muddy for riding. 4410 road is also still closed due to snow. Please stick to lower trails.

15-Mile – Not ready. Needs clearing work. Hold use until after Memorial Day weekend, thanks.

Surveyor’s Ridge – Clear an ready to ride

Dog River – Clear and ready to ride